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Unleashing potential through a unique job search marketplace for care workers
Outpace is a training platform for care workers including​ a job marketplace that connect carers with aged care facilities.

The problem

Care workers are dissatisfied with the current job support in the aged care industry. They want an online platform that makes finding jobs more accessible and matches their skills and qualifications.


The opportunity

This project provides a UX concept design for a training job marketplace - An intuitive platform for care workers.

The platform is built on the principles of community support and a caregiver-centric focus, providing a unique and personalized experience. With clear and relevant content, users can easily access the information they need, regardless of their language or technological ability.

My responsibilities

  • Liaised with the client and multiple stakeholders via different 'alignment' workshops

  • Quantitative & qualitative user research (interviews, survey)

  • Created different UX artifacts such as user flows, low-fidelity wireframes

  • Informed the information architecture (IA) and minimum viable product (MVP)

  • Implemented solutions to facilitate enhanced user engagement and add value, such as a company comparison area to allow users to select several jobs to compare

  • Designed core functionality screens such as profile creation, job search and company comparison.


  • Finding the right people within a short timeframe (6 weeks)

  • Limited access to the live Outpace training, LMS and accreditation system.

The current experience
Direct feedback from those currently working in aged care in Sydney. 

“My first ever shift at a disability organisation was highly aggressive. A woman in her 50s with high needs abused me in the town centre. I had zero training... They sent me a shift within the first week of getting employed.”    


Online survey



Have formal qualifications 

University qualifications

Training received in person


​Word of mouth is the primary way of obtaining jobs- 50%.


  • Build a community for businesses and job seekers

  • Help to expand the job seeker’s network to secure future jobs.



Age range
Aged care carers - Primary user


Non-native speakers are unable to complete the training without assistance.


Validates the need for an industry standard in training and emphasizes the quality of training provided as it puts a risk on our aged care population and the carers.

Competitor Analysis




The existing websites InterCare & Careers for carers do not fully meet users' needs, primarily because they are challenging to navigate and do not offer enough flexibility.


  • Greater customisation of the search function, with the ability to refine the location

  • The user can create an account and profile which links to suitable available roles

  • The ability to save and compare job listings.

After analysing Seek, the opportunities are:

  • Offers resume database, applicant tracking, email scheduling, and statistics

  • Allows employers to send candidates who have not applied to their ad and send personalised messages

Key themes

Pain points

  • Unable to conduct their company search 

  • Unable to search for jobs by qualification(s)

  • Finding companies that truly care for and support their employees is proving to be a challenge

  • The inconsistent, unstructured and unclear job application process 

  • Lack of industry insights

  • No career guidance.



















Emotional experience- Journey steps

1. Recommendation 2. Creating a user profile  3. Job matches  4. Searching for a job 5. Evaluating roles  6. Setup Reminder 7. Career Advice  8. Applying for a job  9. Networking

How might we?

Improve the job search process for carers to allow them to search based on specific filters/categories ?

Provide personalised job recommendations for carers based on their desired location(s)

Make finding a good and reputable company easier for carers, so they are not at risk of working for a poor quality organisation with a lack of support?

High values features that are easy to create for this project- MVP

  • Job recommendations based on geolocation

  • User profile creation / digital resume

  • Matching users to jobs based on user profile

  • Featured/recommended roles

  • Save favourite jobs

  • Job search filters and categorisations

  • Notifications - job application status alert, new job notifications

  • Language options.


Navigate through the app- IA

A user flow was created to explain the steps required to navigate through the app and perform the following tasks

  • Job search    

  • Sign up / sign in

  • Create a profile    

  • Apply for a job.

Outpace MVP_edited.jpg

Start/ Endpoints

Pages (Public/ All)

Pages (account holders)

Phase 2

Decision Points

The solution
3 focus areas


Profile creation

Digital Resume

  • Profile visibility to employers

  • Create an algorithm for job recommendations.


Refined job search

Customisable job search

  • Refine location, distance and work hours

  • Search by Categories, Search by qualification, skills & salary.


Company Comparison

  • Allow users to select several jobs to compare

  • Ability to save jobs if the

  • the user is not ready to apply immediately.

Profile Creation

For profile creation, we have the login, register and create profile screens. The login pathway redirects the existing user to the jobs homepage, whereas the register takes new users through the account and resumes the set-up process, as indicated by the arrows.

Step 1 Login/ Register


Step 2  Create Account 

Screen Shot 2023-03-02 at 1.10_edited.jpg

Step 3 Set- Up Profile 

Screen Shot 2023-03-02 at 1.13_edited.jpg

Job search 2a - Recommended jobs

For the recommended jobs flow, the wireframe on the left illustrates how these can be accessed via the jobs homepage as an account holder. We’ve also integrated a secondary pathway via the account holder’s profile page to improve access. To the far right is the dedicated ‘recommended jobs’ page.

Step 1 Jobs Homepage (Account Holder)

Step 1 Profile Page

Screen Shot 2023-03-02 at 4.04.56 pm.png
Screen Shot 2023-03-02 at 4.06.12 pm.png

Step 2 Recommended Jobs

Screen Shot 2023-03-02 at 4.07.13 pm.png

Job search 2b - Search bar (1)

The user accesses the ‘my jobs’ page using the account holder drop-down menu, top right. The user can enter a comparison mode via ‘rank jobs’.

Step 1 Jobs Homepage (Account Holder) 

Step 1 Jobs Homepage (public)

Screen Shot 2023-03-02 at 4.04.56 pm.png

Step 2 Saved searches


Job search 2b - Search bar ( 2 )

The wireframe on the left shows the job listings view once a role and location are entered. Additional filters can be seen below the position and location boxes. Next, these listings are viewed as a map. The user selects a job and is presented with the job detail page.

Step 1 Jobs Listing (List) 

Screen Shot 2023-03-07 at 11.02.19 am.png

Step 2 Jobs Listing (Map) 

Screen Shot 2023-03-07 at 11.03.25 am.png

Step 3 Job Detail

Screen Shot 2023-03-07 at 11.06.48 am.png

Job search 2b - Search bar ( 3 )

The user accesses the ‘my jobs’ page using the account holder drop-down menu, top right. The user can enter a comparison mode via ‘rank jobs’.

Step 1 Account Holder Drop-Down

Step 2 Saved Jobs / ‘My Jobs’ 

Screen Shot 2023-03-07 at 11.17.15 am.png

Step 3 Rank Jobs


Company Comparison

Users can compare companies using the company bio and reviews page on the far left. The user then navigates back to the job they wish to apply for and can choose either application method.

Step 1 Company Bio & Reviews

Screen Shot 2023-03-07 at 11.59.25 am.png

Step 2 Apply for a Job (Manual)

Screen Shot 2023-03-07 at 12.08.00 pm.png

Step 3 Apply for a Job (Auto)

Screen Shot 2023-03-07 at 12.09.40 pm.png


The project was implemented to address issues with helping job seekers within the aged care

industry to find jobs that match their skills and qualifications. The research showed that existing websites do not fully meet users' needs, primarily because they are challenging to navigate and do not offer enough flexibility. Furthermore, direct feedback from those currently working in aged care suggested that the job-seeking process is challenging due to specific limitations, such as finding relevant jobs or having difficulties matching training and job requirements.

The concept design developed for Outpace during this project has addressed these issues. It will better meet users' needs, making job-seeking more intuitive and accessible for users from all backgrounds.

Phase 2

  • Career Advice

  • Community forum

  • Industry Insight

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